Dear Reader
I would like to introduce you to an exciting new project called “Cool Classic Kidz”. Having taught music the past 20 years both in the WCED and privately I realized that there was a great need for our young music learners (primary school level) to be inspired and motivated. When starting out it is very exciting, but soon our young learners realize that it takes hard work, perseverance and diligent practice to master an instrument and really learn to play well. I needed something that could inspire the young learners as well as something to aspire to. It was very important that this is something attainable to ALL music learners irrespective of their level of playing.

Cool Classic Kidz is a radio program on FMR 101.3 on the last Saturday of every month at 13:45. In this program our young musicians from the Western Cape are featured performing a musical piece on their chosen instrument, as well as a very short interview.

The aim of this project is:

1. To give exposure to our talented young musicians

2. To give them something tangible to work for

3. To grow a sustainable audience for future musicians and ultimately create a sustainable market for our own professional performing classical musicians.

I am a firm believer that South Africa and the Western Cape have just as much talent as Europe, America or any other country. It is sad that our professional musicians feel the need to go oversees to “make it”.  We have proven in so many other spheres that South Africa can hold its own in the world. It is now time to grow our own markets and give exposure to our own musicians.

Ask any primary school learner who is Andre Rieu – and they will know. There is no reason we cannot have our own “stars” in South Africa and this project is just the humble start.

I hope you will share my passion and vision and play your part in supporting this project either through sponsorship, marketing or media. You can contact me at or on 0722930954. I am looking forward to your contribution to this exciting project.

The Cool Classic Kidz CD

Music@Work has compiled a CD with radio programs from February to October 2010.  The CD has been reviewed by Rodney Trudgeon Program Manager at Fine Music Radio.  Our 2011 CD will be out at the end of January 2012.

Rodney Trudgeon:

“I wonder if you’ve heard the delightful and inspiring short programme on the last Saturday of each month at 13H45 on Fine Music Radio called “Cool Classic Kidz“?  If not, I thoroughly recommend it to you.  It is a programme which showcases the burgeoning talent of our very young, school-going music children and it is the brain child of Laurika Steenkamp of an organization called Music@Work.  This is a studio which records these youngsters in a fully professional manner, thereby giving them an opportunity of getting studio experience and exposure on FMR.

 When Laurika came to FMR with the idea of a fifteen minute showcase of young talent, we loved the idea and her incredible enthusiasm, which has ensured that for a year now, a whole lot of talented children have been able to hear themselves on the radio!  They may not have had the thrill of winning a major competition, but at least their efforts are rewarded with some form of exposure.  And not only that, the indefatigable Laurika makes sure that all the parents, teachers and pupils at the various schools from which these kids come, are at their radios on Saturday afternoon to listen.  This, as you can imagine, gives FMR the opportunity of building an even bigger and younger audience.

Laurika has now issued a 2 CD set of all the programmes from 2010 and it is a delight to listen to!  Each 15 minute programme has Laurika introducing the children and their recordings and, occasionally, interviewing them.  We at FMR are thrilled with the project which we hope will grow from strength to strength.  This 2 CD set is tangible evidence of the love, enthusiasm and talent for music which exists in our schools.”

The CD can be downloaded at: and

Review by Rodney Trudgeon FMR101.3

Cool Classic Kidz the SHOW

We have taken Cool Classic Kidz a step further by introducing a 40 min show which had their first performance at the Greyton/Genadendal Classic for All festival in June 2011. This show will now be featured at the Suidoosterfees in February 2012 at Artscape. The show tells the story of 8 Primary School friends who arranges a benefit concert to assist one of their class-mates during difficult financial times.  Children from 9 different schools in the Western Cape participate in this unforgettable inspiring production.  Our two Cool Classic Kidz ambassadors Milan and Lilo also entertains the audience with their quirky remarks.  A show not to be missed!

If you would like to book this show please contact Laurika at 0722930954.

Cool Classic Kidz is sponsored by:





Comments on: "The Concept of Cool Classic Kidz" (5)

  1. Fantastic idea,Congratulation.
    We are trying to revive the Accordion in SA and your concept would be a fantastic incentive for youg musicians.Are you planning to extend this facility to Gauteng and sourrabding areas?Should we find candidates what procedure do we follow?
    Please let us know at your convenience and again
    Accordion South Africa ( ASA )

    • Dear Accordion SA
      Yes I am planning to do this Nationally by 2011. If you subscribe to the blog on wordpress it will keep you up to date with all info. If you have contacts with a studio (passionate about Kidz and classical/jazz music) I would appreciate if you can forward me the contact details. I will have a look at your website. I might be able to put up a link for you. Thank you for positive feedback – very much appreciated. Regards Laurika Steenkamp

  2. […] Dear Reader I would like to introduce you to an exciting new project called “Cool Classic Kidz”. Having taught music the past 20 years both in the WCED and privately I realized that there was a great need for our young music learners (primary school level) to be inspired and motivated. When starting out it is very exciting but soon our y … Read More […]

  3. Thanks, its usefully for me.

  4. Just wanted to say thnx for a great site and have a super cool 2011.

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