about classicsa.co.za

classicsa.co.za is an interactive online directory and information centre representing and promoting the Classical Music industry in South Africa – past, present, and future.

Dedicated to the documentation, support and development of the business of classical music in South Africa, classicsa.co.za offers all classical music practitioners, as well as music lovers, a dynamic virtual forum with easy access to the entire scope of classical music activities in South Africa.

In a society influenced by technological development and cultural changes,classicsa.co.za aims to increasingly heighten the awareness of the importance, preservation and role of classical music in South Africa.

classicsa.co.za plans to accelerate the critical process of audience capacity development through fresh and innovative marketing strategies and aspires to assist the South African classical music industry to achieve a greater degree of self-sustainability in future, by specifically fostering young and emerging audiences.

classicsa.co.za ideally offers a home to the entire classical music industry where all stakeholders can take ownership, be proud of and contribute towards the continued growth of the industry in South Africa.

If you want to stay “in tune” with the Classical Industry. This is the place to be.  Music@Work launching as Classical Label soon!


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