Stellenbosch University Quartet

Stellenbosch University Quartet

New String Quartet at



The newly formed Stellenbosch University String Quartet performed their inaugural recital in the Endler Hall in Stellenbosch on Wednesday 7 April. The concert was the first in what will be known as the Stellenbosch University (SU) Quartet Concert Series, which consists of four lunch hour concerts and four evening concerts. The repertoire for this year’s series includes works by Beethoven, Mendelssohn, Shostakovich, Brahms, Wolf, Ravel and Schubert.

“Forming a student quartet of this calibre represents an important milestone for the Department of Music and the Konservatorium of Stellenbosch University,” says Mr Peter Martens, Artistic Administrator of the Konservatorium. “The fact that the members of the Quartet are all students bodes well for the image of the institution, setting the benchmark for postgraduate string instrument study and is a clear indication that Stellenbosch is increasingly recognized as the most innovative, vibrant and exciting place for tertiary level music education.”

He added that the Quartet is, however, not purely a performance based student initiative, but is in a sense an academic programme for which partial bursaries are offered. The level of students eligible for this programme must, by nature of the requirements of playing in a string quartet, be exceptionally high. “The Quartet was formed after a series of auditions were held at the Konservatorium. The Quartet will not only be performing throughout the year, but will also be involved in regular training and master classes, both at home and abroad,” Mr Martens said.

The Quartet consists of Annien van der Linde and Petrus Coetzee (violin), Jan-Hendrick Harley (viola) and Joachim Müller-Crepon (cello).

The SU String Quartet Concert Series provides the ensemble with a platform on which it can build a repertoire and gain performance experience. In addition the Quartet aims to promote local composers and have concerts with seasoned guest musicians.


Comments on: "New String Quartet at Stellenbosch" (2)

  1. Rieth Nel said:

    This is really wonderful! I have composed a piece for string quartet while studying in the USA, but it has not been performed yet. Would you be interested in attempting it?

    Thank you

    Rieth Nel

    • Annien van der linde said:

      Dear Rieth,

      We are always interrested in new pieces. We would be more than happy to have a look at the parts.

      Kind regards

      Annien van der Linde

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