I have often spoken to adults who gave up music at Primary School level due to the School and piers negative attitude towards kidz who do music.  I have had the privilege to teach at Rondebosch Boy’s Preparatory School in Cape Town and during that time I worked very hard at building a positive relationship with the rest of the staff.  I firmly believe that a child should be taught holistically and that the class teacher and music teacher must work together to achieve the best results.

At RBPS the class teachers and music teachers had mutual respect for what each was tying to achieve and really took hands –  with the help of a very supportive Governing Body and Head Master.  The result was amazing!  Music was respected by all the boys and their piers and instead of making fun of each other, they were supportive and complimentary.  I remember fondly how the whole school awaited the announcement of who will be in the choir and the genuine excitement and admiration when they were accepted.(Thank you Mr Goosen)

One of the most outstanding events was our “Winter- warm Concert”.  The Head of Rugby, Mr Joey Salamans (now well-known rugby  referee) was the MC for the evening and ALL RUGBY COACHES – yes all of them – attended the evening.  Now looking back, I  realized how exceptional the school was.

Unfortunately in many schools class teachers view music lessons as an irritation rather as a tool in skilled teachers hands to benefit the child’s development.  I am appalled to witness in some schools to what extent teachers “bully” music learners into eventually giving up music.  I plan on researching this matter extensively in the Western Cape and to write an formal appeal to the WCED.

If you have a story to tell (of you or your child) I would greatly appreciate it if you can email me, Laurika Steenkamp  at info@musicatwork.co.za

Cool Classic Kidz are here to put the FUN back into music. Watch out for the launch of the club soon.  Outings, competitions, workshops, tours, concerts and the radio program “Cool Classic Kidz” on FMR 101.3 every last Saturday of the month.

French Toast before violin lessons!

French Toast before violin lessons!


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  1. I don’t have kids at Rondebosch Boys but I have had the privilege have seeing what has been achieved musically in that school and I have great admiration for what has been done. Our experience at our own kids’ (private) schools has been good but not with quite the same level of enthusiasm as I have seen at Rondebosch, although there certainly has never been any issue about studying music being “uncool” – in fact, the opposite.
    I wish you much good fortune with your project. I am a firm believer that any music is better than no music at all and that the world would be a far poorer place to live in if musical talent was no longer nurtured from an early age.

    Comment taken from Facebook.

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