The Fifth National Marimba Festival and the First International Marimba Festival will be held from
7 – 9 August 2010 at St. Dominic’s School, Boksburg, Cnr. Kruger and Commissioner Streets, Boksburg.

Events this year include:
The fees this year are R90.00 per person for a 3-day pass (at the gate) which allows you entrance to all the workshops and competitions. The National Marimba Festival is presented annually by The Marimba Education Foundation in collaboration with St Dominic’s School, Boksburg.
This year, we are proud to announce the First International Solo Marimba Competition in collaboration with the Fifth National Marimba Festival. For more information about the solo competition, download the details and entry form here. The first prize is ZAR 15,000.00! There is also a prize for the best rendition of a set piece to the value of ZAR 10,000.00 with thanks to our kind sponsor, SAMRO. There are also various smaller prizes.
Marimba Players of all ages, stages and abilities come together to make music. There is a festive atmosphere from early in the morning with stalls selling food, souvenirs, music, marimbas and other instruments.
The music presented at the competition spans all genres from classical, jazz, traditional South African and African to pop and original compositions by the bands. A variety of other instruments is included in certain sections, including steel pans and orchestral instruments. Singing and dancing is also encouraged.
for the purposes of this year’s competition, a marimba is defined as:

Two massed marimba sessions see up to 100 marimbas and over 300 players all learning and playing new music together.
Spectators are welcome to participate in the massed marimba sessions, the massed drumming session and any of the workshops, subject to availability.
The prize giving takes place at the end of the Festival. The prize-winning bands give an impromptu performance as the announcements are made. This has become the undisputed highlight of the entire festival, with a heartwarming display of support and enthusiasm by all present. As far as we can ascertain, the format of this particular festival is unique in the world.

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