A record two BASA nominations for CLASSICFEEL Magazine

CLASSICFEEL Magazine has been nominated as a Finalist for two 2010 Business Arts South Africa (BASA) Awards. The nominations are in both the Media Sponsorship category and the Small Business category.

Editor-in-chief, Lore Watterson was delighted upon hearing the news saying, “This is a real first for CLASSICFEEL. To be nominated in two categories proves that our hard work over the last two years, to grow and reposition the magazine, has been truly worth it. As members of the arts media we know how pivotal business support of the arts is, and how much BASA does to acknowledge, encourage and develop this support”.

The Business Day BASA Awards, supported by Anglo American are an annual highlight event on any arts sponsors’ calendar. The Awards recognise conscientious, significant and often groundbreaking business sponsorship of arts events, projects or organisations.

CLASSICFEEL Magazine has become South Africa’s premier arts and culture magazine with coverage of the best in music, visual arts, theatre, dance, film and lifestyle. With a deep belief in the importance of art in all of our lives, the magazine seeks to bring innovative, in-depth and fascinating insight on artists, events, literature, heritage and culture to its readers. This monthly magazine features contributions from leading arts journalists and lifestyle commentators.

To tickle your artistic taste buds further, visit CLASSICFEEL Magazine at www.classicfeel.co.za.

Emily Amos
Sub-editor and Staff Writer
T: 011 787 0252
F: 011 787 8204
E: emily@desklink.co.za
W: www.classicfeel.co.za


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