Cape Town Tango Ensemble started by Stanislav Anguelov in 1996 as an Accordion & Piano Duo (Stanislav Anguelov & Liza Geldenhuys) with intention to perform this music at concerts. Soon after that Liza moved to Pretoria and on her place came Albert Combrink. By 1999 Basil Heald joined them on Double Bass. One year later Jacek Domagala on Violin joined the Ensemble to shape the perfect combination for Tango. They specialize in Argentinean Tango ranging from the old fashioned Traditional Tango style from the first half of 20th century up to the Tango “Nuevo”, started and developed by the famous Argentinean composer and Bandoneón virtuoso Astor Piazzolla. In May 2003 they released their first CD “El Tango en Africa” (Tango in Africa) where they explored the fusion between African Rhythms and sounds with the “Tango Nuevo” style. This album has been locally and internationally acclaimed receiving a great deal of air time worldwide up to today.

Since 2004 Charles Lazar (well-known Jazz Musician in Cape Town) took over the Double Bass position. During the same year Stanislav added a new and very important item to his instrument collection and that was his first Bandoneón, which led to his trip in 2005 to Buenos Aires to study with Bandoneón Maestros Ricardo Fiorio and Hugo Satorre.

CTTE repertoire consists of original scores of Astor Piazzolla for his Quinteto, which often leads to including James Grace on Guitar (another well-known Musician in Cape Town) and scores of Horacio Salgan, Angelo Burli, Julian Plaza, Roberto Pansera as well as their own arrangements of Music by Piazzolla, Gardel, Troilo, Greco, Villoldo and others.

And lately part of their repertoire are their own compositions by Stanislav, Charles and recently by Albert.

CTTE have worked with the Tango Singers Adriana Edwards, Juan Simon & Gustavo Fasani, as well as Mezzo-Soprano Violina Anguelov (well-known Opera Singer in South Africa).

The Cape Town Tango Ensembles television and radio appearances include:

– October 2000 – interview with “DSTV”

– 2001 – E-TV’s “Back Stage” series, where the Cape Town Tango Ensemble accompanied the Tango dance salon scene

– 2003 – coverage of their CD Launch by the program “Heita” on E-TV.

– 2003 – broadcast on Namibian National TV of their concert recorded live at the Bank of Windhoek Arts Festival

– “El Tango en Africa” is often played on Fine Music Radio, Classic FM, RSG and other South African Radio-Stations

– October/November 2003 – their CD “El Tango en Africa” played on Buenos Aires Tango Radio Station

– July 2004 – “El Tango en Africa” played on BBC Radio World Service

– 2006-7 – “El Tango en Africa” played on BTV and Bulgarian National Radio

– 2007 – “El Tango en Africa” used in the German film “The time of the Snake”

– and many more Radio Stations around the World…

The Cape Town Tango Ensemble concert performances include venues like Arts Cape theatre, Baxter theatre, High Street Theatre, DeWetshof wine estate-Robertson, Lindbergh Arts Foundation – Muizenberg, Worchester Music Society, Groot Constantia wine estate, Kirstenbosch Botanical Garden, CTICC, Oude Libertas Amphitheatre – Stellenbosch, AGFA Amphitheatre – V&A Waterfront, Cape Town Festival, KKNK, National Arts Festival Grahams town, Bank of Windhoek Arts Festival and many more.

Cape Town Tango Ensemble has collaborated in the production of:

  • 2001 “Tango del Fuego” – directed by Martinus Bassoon & Choreographed by Mark Hoeben, presented at all major festivals in South Africa.
  • 2003 Tango show with Mark Hoeben & Ina Wichterich for Bank of Windhoek Arts Festival
  • 2004 “Tango Expirience” directed by Mark Hoeben for Bank of Windhoek Arts Festival
  • 2004 short film “The first and last loves of Leonardo Lopes” directed by Chris Rodrigues and some of the Music composed by Stanislav Anguelov
  • 2004 “El Beso” directed by Heinrich Reisenhofer & Choreographed by Mareli Schröter – sold out run at Little Theatre – Cape Town
  • 2006 “All about Tango” – directed and choreographed by Mark Hoeben & Ina Wichterich presented at KKNK
  • 2007 – Tango item at “Fleur du Cap” Theatre Awards with Mark Hoeben & Ina Wichterich
  • 2007 – provided the Music for a scene in the German film “The time of the Snake”


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