Kristin Niekerk

Kristin Niekerk

I love music because it makes everything in life interesting. It is very fun and I love creativity. It also makes me feel like I am expressing my emotions.

Kara Dean

Kara Dean

II love music because it is peaceful, you can play music by the emotions you feel.  I have always wanted to play piano because my mom and my sister played music to me and I loved it!Kelsey Brookes

Kelsey Brookes

When I am bored I always go to the piano and start playing, it cheers me up and never lets me down.Jamie Southgate

Jamie Southgate

I love music because I enjoy playing the clarinet and it sometimes , when I feel stressed, helps me feel relaxed.Rebecca Daniels

Rebecca Daniels

I love the sound my instrument makes and music makes me feel good!

Hannah Malander

Hannah Malander

Music is inspiring. Its enjoyable to play and be listened to. I enjoy playing in the orchestra and playing on my own. Love an audience!

Gabriella von Alten-Reuss

Gabriella von Alten-Reuss

I can play in the orchestra and play in concerts. I can play very well and I’ve got a very nice teacher. I love the sound of music but I especially like the violin. I love music!

Allison Robertson

Allison Robertson

I love music because it is fun and it is peaceful. It just puts a smile on everyones face. Yes it takes a lot of practice but the end result is just beautiful!


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