CT Fest Youth Workshop Programme

The Cape Town Festival’s 2010 Youth Workshop Programme will take place at the I.D. Mkhize High School in Gugulethu from 27 September – 1 October.

The CTF is supported by the National Lotteries Distribution Trust Fund (NLDTF).

Between 9am and 2pm daily, some 500 grade 7 learners will hone their leadership skills through cultural and artistic expression.

Litha Primary School; Mseki Primary School; Vukukhanye Primary School; Vuyani Primary School; Sokhanyo Primary School and Nobuntu Primary School are among those invited to participate in the programme which seeks to equip the youth with basic life skills, focusing on leadership and decision-making.

In keeping with the CTF’s “One City, Many Cultures” philosophy, aimed at bringing together the diverse cultures of Cape Town, particularly the youth, the 2010 Programme carries the theme “Leadership in One City with Many Cultures”.

Workshops are tailored to meet the core objectives that the programme seeks to fulfil: to create an inspirational environment for youth; to empower at risk youth to critically think about leadership; to teach youth various aspects of art in a way that triggers discussion on leadership; to instil pride and self-worth in youth through creativity and art; and to prepare learners for the closing concert at the end of the outreach.

Each morning learners will register for the day’s activities and have an opportunity to sign up for a workshop group of their choice – Drama, Art, Dance or Lyricism. This form of workshop rotation allows the individual to maximise artistic expression across all creative genres, whilst obtaining valuable life skills instruction. Each group will be responsible for setting its own rules and objectives, which demonstrates how the content aims to encourage and impart practical leadership and decision-making skills.

The programme draws attention to critical social issues that affect our youth today. One medium used as a means to serve these, often sensitive, subjects to the youth in a more interactive way, is film. Two short films, “Kwerekwere” and “Girlhood”, will be screened that respectively tackle issues of xenophobia and challenges that young girls face on a daily basis. Learners will also have an opportunity to interact with the characters from these films in discussion groups to gain further insights into the films and to stimulate debate. Learners are also encouraged to continue to engage with their families and communities on these issues.

Day 1 will see participants engage around the theme and become skilled at the basics of art/stencilling which would then be applied to design and create T-shirts. Days 2, 3 and 4 will be broken down into four workshops –
Art, Drama, Lyricism and Dance. Learners will form two large groups, alternating sessions between Music/Art workshops and Life Skills/Film Screening workshops.

The 5-day workshop series will culminate in a concert to showcase the talent and content that the week’s art programming had yielded – from plays, to dance pieces and lyricism. The day’s proceedings will end with a presentation ceremony during which learners will receive certificates and gift bags.

“The youth forms an integral part of our society, and it is our mission to equip them with the necessary skills that they so desperately need to become catalysts for social change in their communities,” commented Ryland Fisher, Executive Chairperson of the Cape Town Festival, “The Youth Workshop Programme is a manifestation of how the CTF and the ‘One City, Many Cultures’ project creates platforms for cultural expression.”

The programme is presented in partnership with youth-focused NGO’s ConsciousFlowz; Amy Biehl Foundation and Steps Southern Africa, as well as the City of Cape Town’s Social Development Department.

The Youth Workshop Programme is but one of the CTF’s pre-festival activities designed to carry the message of tolerance, integration and unity to the people of Cape Town throughout the year, ahead of the ever-growing flagship event in March. At the end of November the third and final round of this year’s Youth Workshop Programme takes to Delft where the model will be replicated.

The 12th annual Cape Town Festival takes place from 14 to 21 March 2011 and promises to captivate audiences with a not-to-be-missed line-up of the best in local talent.

For more information, contact info@capetownfestival.co.za

Artslink.co.za Account:
Esther Henderson
Synapse Communications
esther@synapsecommunications.co.za 021 903 8762
074 232 7969
Cape Town Festival


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