The Cape Philharmonic Orchestra started the Masidlale Music Project in the townships of Gugulethu and Nyanga to provide children with instrumental training in their area – irrespective of financial means or background. The projected outreach will amount to 400 new musicians sourced and prepared annually to enter the CPYO and later the CPO.

The CPO’s Masidlale Music Project (Masidlale means Let us Play!)

To become a professional musician, 15 years of intensive training is needed. It is crucial that training starts at grass-roots level to ensure a pool of potential new instrumentalists representing our diverse cultures to feed the professional orchestra. The projected outreach will amount to 400 new musicians sourced and prepared to levels that allow them to apply for membership in the CPYO. With further training and experience, some could then be considered as members of the CPO or other full-time orchestras.

The Masidlale project also creates new employment opportunities by training facilitators from the townships in the Suzuki method and appointing them as part time violin teachers at the project, an opportunity which changes their lives and creates economically viable citizens.
This incentive will serve to create sustainable growth in a waning classical music industry.

In general children are not encouraged to follow a career as a musician due to the inconsistence and low rate of job opportunities and remuneration levels. Classical music cannot compete with the modern popular commercial trends and has to create a niche in the “young” popular scene that it is “en vogue” to be an accomplished musician and part of a classical audience.

The main target will be youth from communities thus far excluded or without financial means to participate in professional training in classical music.

We hope to feature some of these Cool Classic Kidz on FMR101.3  in 2011!


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