ThatGig is the junction where fans and artists meet! Book your favourite artist for your event. Because… Life is LIVE!

Artists can build their online PROFILEMANAGE their own bookings, quotations and payments, and SELLtheir MP3’s while BUILDING and COMMUNICATING to their fan base.

ThatGig Services

Welcome to the gateway to your ThatGig experience! Read on to find out more about the features and services offered to you as a musician or a fan, or contact us if there is anything else you want to know!

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1. Overview

Anyone who has been to a live gig can testify to this: no electronic gadget or hi-tec audio-visual medium can EVER replace the vibe and atmosphere of ‘being there’ yourself! There is just something about the nature of live music that can not be reproduced on a recording. It is organic, it is tangible! It is wild, it is spiritual! It is something that is experienced much deeper than our five senses can reach.

We here at ThatGig are not just passionate about music. We are passionate about musicians and fans as well! Realising that there are other people out there that share our obsession and fascination with live music, we decided to fuse together these passions on one website, and thus ThatGig was born.

ThatGig is a musician-and-fan orientated gig management system, where musicians can upload their information and where people can book artists for events. But there is much, much more to it. Browse around, and click away to your heart’s content to discover everything we have to offer! This site is for all you true music lovers out there, fans and artist alike. Because… life is LIVE!

2. Book your favourite Artist/Band online

ThatGig provides a user-friendly and secure online booking facility that will enable you to find exactly the right musician or band for all kinds of events. With search criteria ranging from Artist Type, Location, Instrument and Genre, it is really easy to pinpoint an artist or band. Once you have located an artist, you can proceed to make a booking for the event. ThatGig provides a secure online booking system that will guide you through the steps of requesting a booking, accepting a quote, and paying online. So, whether the event is private or public; private or… erm, more private; formal or informal; ThatGig’s Artist Directory will provide you with a powerful search tool to find a perfect solution to all of your wedding, corporate function, and live entertainment needs.

3. Check out the GigGuide

Who? Where? When? Visit our online GigGuide so you can diarise all those I-just-can’t-miss-it events. Featuring an easy-to-use searching tool, you can locate gigs per artist, date, or venue. If you are not searching for anything in particular, check out the list of current gigs. Who knows, you might just discover your new favourite band while you’re at it!

And what if to your shock and horror you discover that an I-just-can’t-miss-it event that should be on the GigGuide is missing? Nothing could be simpler, just submit it! Now isn’t that the most sensible thing you have ever encountered on an online GigGuide?

4. Manage your Online Bookings

Organisers and Artists alike will have direct access to all their bookings. Booking a artist has never been easier! Our booking management system will take you step-by-step from the first booking, right through to our secure online payment system. ThatGig automatically notifies a musician that a booking has been made. If the musician decides to accept the booking, a quote for the proposed gig will be sent to the person who made the booking, who in turn can accept or decline the quote. Throughout the process each party will get automated reminders of bookings made, payments received, as well as invoices. Furthermore, with our easy-to-use booking grid, any party will be able to track the status of their bookings at any point in time. It is as simple as that.

5. Secure Online Payments

Show me the money, honey! The true value of using ThatGig lies in our secure online payment system, which is based on a 256 bit encryption module that will give you that extra peace of mind you need when entrusting us with online payments. No credit card details are saved on our system, and all users will be required to logon to the system with usernames and passwords to get access to any of the online payment modules. So, you can rest assured that your online transactions will stay safe and secure.

6. Manage your own GigSpace

As a performing artist, ThatGig provides you with the environment and tools to create and manage your own GigSpace. This is your little multiverse, your personal corner, your advertising space, your finger print. Go wild, because this is what your fans will see when they click on your name! There is space for photo galleries, album information, articles, news, interesting facts about yourself, and much more. But. Most importantly: it is here that you can load music clips with samples of your work, so that all the prospective clients and fans out there can get a taste of what you have to offer! So, what are you waiting for? Get working on those sample clips!

7. Manage your FanClub (Email & SMS)

Stay in contact with all your mad fans! From here you can send group sms’s or emails of upcoming events, create and manage different fan clubs, or (heaven forbid) spam unsuspecting prospective clients. Emails can be sent directly from ThatGig, and it’s FREE! Sms bundles can also be purchased with a few simple clicks, and voila: Bob is your auntie, and you can sms him and the rest of your extended, twice removed family about all your exciting upcoming events.

8. GigSpace templates & Pricing

‘Did you say (gasp) FREE?’ Yes, indeed we did. There is however a booking fee involved. ThatGig takes 10% commission on the total gig fee quoted on ThatGig, plus minimal additional banking transfer costs. After the commission and banking costs have been deducted from your deposit, the balance will be paid directly into your banking account. All payments are subject to a 14 day holding period for security reasons and your protection. For the more creative and eccentric artists out there who might feel our standard GigSpace is just too ‘standard’, we will provide you with a custom quote to get access to several less ‘standard’ GigSpace templates, so that you can express your individualism to your heart’s content.



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