Mascots and character costume manufacturing


We specialize in the manufacturing of mascots and character costumes for the corporate market, as well as props for advertisement, television and theatre productions or any other relevant assignments.

The process starts with the client’s existing artwork, or we will assist them in designing artwork to their specifications. This will then be made into a detailed mascot or life size character costume. (See the Creative Process page for more detail.)

Mascots and character costumes are widely used in advertisement and promotional campaigns and are great tools to create and build brand awareness.

Add fun and excitement to your corporate marketing strategy with a tailor-made mascot or character. Contact us for a quotation.

Lifesize Designs bring life to characters and mascots!

Our portfolio includes the following clients: O.K. Franchise Division, SA Rugby Team, Eastern Province Rugby Team, Fair Cape, Cowbell (Milk Product), King Pie, Iwisa Mealie Meal, Marokka Swallows, Jimmy Jungles, Wagga Wagga Kwag (Wielie Walie DVD ), Gold Reef City (Joe Zee and Nugget), Kellogg’s, Henkel (Pritt), Ceres Fruit Juices, Namibian Road Traffic Campaign, etc. (See the Gallery page for examples.)

Bussiness Contact Details:

Creative Director: Louis Niemand

Tel: 083 290 7545



Monte Vista, Cape Town, South Africa



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