JPO offers classical music scholarships

Do you play an orchestral instrument? Are you musically talented and highly motivated? Then the JPO Academy wants YOU to join its tertiary music education programme.

Prospective orchestral music students who are keen to enrol in the Johannesburg Philharmonic Orchestra’s four-year diploma course, which will assist them in developing their skills as solo and orchestral musicians, have until 19 November 2010 to apply.

The JPO Academy is offering a limited number of full scholarships to talented students who would otherwise not be able to afford to study music at tertiary level. These scholarships will cover all tuition and accommodation costs.

During the four-year course, all students will receive practical tuition in their chosen instrument as well as intensive theoretical training.

In their first year of study, they will be required to complete their Unisa Grade 6 practical and Grade 5 theory exams. In their second year, students will have to pass the Unisa Grade 7 practical and Grade 6 theory exams, and in their third year, Grade 8 practical and Grade 7 theory exams.

The fourth and final year of study will see students striving to complete their Unisa Performance Licentiate Diploma. All four years will also require intensive orchestral studies, including playing in the JPO Academy Orchestra – and the opportunity to play selected concerts with the JPO during its seasons of symphony concerts.

After completing the four years of study, students will be invited to audition for the JPO Cadet programme and if they are accepted, they will be employed by the JPO on a full-time basis. The JPO Academy programme therefore serves as an ideal incubator for the professional orchestra and the industry in general, which will benefit from a constant supply of well trained and highly competent young musicians.

Candidates who wish to enter the JPO Academy have until Friday, 19 November to submit an application. Auditions will be held on 26 and 27 November in Johannesburg. Prospective students will be required to write a music literacy test and to present two contrasting works of their own choice, selected from the Unisa Grade 5 syllabus (or from higher grades, if desired).

For further information, contact Kgaladi Thema at 011 789 2733 or e-mail

Bridget van Oerle / Christabel Zulu / Teboho Motloung
BUZ Publicity
011 482 3467/3489
083 263 6991
FAX 011 388 4404


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