Issue #3 | November 2010
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The November issue of CLASSICFEEL, South Africa’s leading arts, culture and lifestyle magazine, celebrates the 70th birthday of music legend John Lennon, delving into his music and the complex personality behind it. To mark the occasion, EMI Music, in collaboration with Lennon’s widow, Yoko Ono, has released a limited, definitive boxset complete with all of Lennon’s solo albums, singles and previously unreleased tracks. CLASSICFEEL is offering its readers an exclusive opportunity to win a copy of this one-of-a-kind piece of music history, which is valued at R1,500.

To get this and other exciting features from the world of music, visual art, theatre and lifestyle, get your copy of CLASSICFEEL November 2010 now at your nearest branch of Exclusive Books or CNA.

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Gimme Some Truth

In light of the recent re-release of John Lennon’s entire solo catalogue, marking the occasion of his 70th birthday, CLASSICFEEL’s Warren Holden considers the complex artist and human being behind the Lennon legend. more…

The Art of Improvisation
Over the course of a career spanning more than 30 years and three continents, Carlo Mombelli has quietly built a reputation as one of South Africa’s foremost jazz musicians and teachers. CLASSICFEEL’s Warren Holden spoke to the bass wizard about the philosophies behind his work and the state of South Africa’s jazz scene. more…

A New Voice is Heard
‘Exuberance is beauty’… The poet William Blake’s words take on a fresh twist when one meets the multi-talented young South African-born performer, Nondumiso Tembe, whose first CD, Izwi Lami (My Voice), is due for release this month. CLASSICFEEL explores this phenomenon in an exclusive interview with this important new artist, who – until now – has been the best-kept secret in our musical firmament.more…

African Footprint’s Decade of Dance
Gumboot stamps, traditional stick fighting, and athletic contemporary dance moves infused with rhythms and undulations, have introduced millions of theatre audiences and TV viewers to South African cultural forms in a musical theatre piece which is as South African as Mopani worms, braaivleis and bobotie writes Adrienne Sichel for CLASSICFEEL. more…

P.S. For the internet-adventurous, virtually page through the October issue of CLASSICFEEL by clicking here.

Tygerberg Children’s Choir
It’s time again for the highly acclaimed Tygerberg Children’s Choir’s very popular annual Christmas concerts. The choir celebrates its 38th year, and was crowned world champions in two categories at the 6th World Choir Games in Shaoxing, China during July this year. This major achievement catapulted the choir to the number 4 over-all position on the official Musica Mundi world ranking list for competition choirs.

Read more…

Calling writers to join SA playwright programme
The vision for The South African New Play Writing Programme is that it will provide support to playwrights, says Ashraf Johaardien of the Wits Theatre..

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CLASSICFEEL readers stand a chance to win two double tickets including a complimentary programme for The Nutcracker.

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