New Artists

New Artists

Hi Laurika,

The ThatGig family has grown with the following artists:

3740-SNXNTK.jpg VIOLET | Violet is a fresh urban-funk soul band where you’ll find a big mix of genres all blended with each band members individual musical influence. Jazz, A …

4518-YPSTZI.jpg SKY CHORD | SKY CHORD was formed in late November 2009 by the vocalist (Jessie Pretorius), gutarist (Hencas van Huyssteen) and keyboardist (Eric Strydom) when att …

4536-HNWIIY.jpg Stanislav Angelov | Solo Accordion for any event – from Private function to sit down Concert or Show Session Artiste Composer Arranger Duo – Violin & Accordion …

4584-OGDEOZ.jpg VisaVintage | VisaVINTAGE is a two man (and one lady!!) band with Hesti Lourens on clarinet, Wilken Calitz on guitar, and Jacques Louw on double bass. The three …

ThatGig Team!


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