Article  from FMR101.3 Website:

I wonder if you’ve heard the delightful and inspiring short programme on the last Saturday of each month at 13H45 on Fine Music Radio called “Cool Classic Kidz“?  If not, I thoroughly recommend it to you.  It is a programme which showcases the burgeoning talent of our very young, school-going music children and it is the brain child of Laurika Steenkamp of an organisation called Music@Work.  This is a studio which records these youngsters in a fully professional manner, thereby giving them an opportunity of getting studio experience and exposure on FMR.

When Laurika came to FMR with the idea of a fifteen minute showcase of young talent, we loved the idea and her incredible enthusiasm, which has ensured that for a year now, a whole lot of talented children have been able to hear themselves on the radio!  They may not have had the thrill of winning a major competition, but at least their efforts are rewarded with some form of exposure.  And not only that, the indefatigable Laurika makes sure that all the parents, teachers and pupils at the vaious schools from which these kids come, are at their radios on Saturday afternoon to listen.  This, as you can imagine, gives FMR the opportunity of building an even bigger and younger audience.

Laurika has now issued a 2 CD set of all the programmes from 2010 and it is a delight to listen to!  Each 15 minute programme has Laurika introducing the children and their recordings and, occasionally, interviewing them.  We at FMR are thrilled with the project which we hope will grow from strength to strength.  This 2 CD set is tangible evidence of the love, enthusiasm and talent for music which exists in our schools.

The CD is available from Laurika herself, so order via email, at R120 for the double CD.

Cool Classic Kidz and Music@Work would like to thank Rodney, Marne, Alex and the whole team at FMR for their continued support and advice in making this dream a reality.

(Fine Music Radio has a facebook page – please join at and help us build the Classical Industry and a love for good music.


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