The internationally acclaimed South African tenor, Stéfan Louw will be launching an opera column in collaboration with the Citizen newspaper on Wednesday 23 February.


Opera is such an integral part of the Western culture, however South Africans, and especially the younger generation, have no idea what real opera is.  In a market flooded with commercialised opera by artists such as The Ten Tenors, Helmut Lotti and many others, listeners have lost touch with opera as an art form.  The so-called ‘grand scale’ opera productions with imported singers are also not helping the fact that we have an array of local opera singers, most of them without work, who would love to bring true opera to audiences across our beautiful country.  Without educating the people of South Africa about what true opera is, the art form will soon die along with its ageing audience.


The column will talk about the history of opera, the different styles of opera and the wide variety of voices for opera.  It will furthermore bust the myths concerning opera in an attempt to lure the general public to attend an opera to experience it for themselves.  This will result in bigger audiences, which in turn will result in more productions by the array of local opera singers of whom all compare to international standards.


By becoming a contributor for the Citizen does not mean Louw will be putting away his stage make-up – no!  He is also working with a group of friends from the opera industry in an effort to rescue opera from becoming further commercialised.  “Who knows, maybe South Africa will once again in the near future have a true, travelling opera company for the love of opera, and not for the love of money,” he says.


Louw, whom one can clearly see is very passionate about opera, has an impressive repertoire of full opera productions behind his name.  He started off his career as a member of the Pretoria State Theatre Ad-hoc Chorus in 1996 and by the time he performed his first supporting role in 1998 he has already appeared in more than 15 opera productions, many of them as understudy to a leading role.  In the year 2000 he quit his day-time job to become a full-time opera singer and has since sang the leading roles of a number of operas in South Africa, Namibia, the United States of America and Europe.



Issued by Marisa Louw (CPRP)On behalf of Stéfan LouwTel: 082 878 6190E-mail:



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