Concert Information:

18 April · 13:00 – 14:00

Hugo Lambrechts Auditorium

Program to be performed:

Konsi Bern Youth Orchestra (Switzerland) with members of the SA National Youth Orchestra perform a programme of beautiful music. Donation at the door (all proceeds go towards music education of our young musicians).

Conducted by Ingo Becker (Switzerland)


Beethoven – Violin Concerto
with soloist Milena Wilke (13) from Germany

Tchaikovsky – Swan Lake Suite
Liszt – Hungarian Rhapsody No 2

The Youth Symphony Orchestra Conservatory Bern

The Youth Symphony Orchestra Conservatory Bern (JSO) was founded in 1987. Along with the concerts during the tour abroad denies the JSO each year around 15 to 20 appearances with three to four different programs. The average age of members is around 18 years. The orchestra has over the years become steadily larger, today it comprises about 70 young musicians. Since 2008, the JSO is the only Swiss orchestra associate member of the “European Federation of National Youth Orchestra” (EFNYO) is.

Ingo Becker, Director

Ingo Becker was for many years solo bassoonist of the Berne Symphony Orchestra. Since the founding of the JSO, he was involved in its construction prevails. Thanks to its large orchestral experience and cooperation with many internationally renowned personalities, he has now himself as a conductor with excellent skills.

Bridges for the Future

Under the theme “Bridges for the Future,” the JSO is making annual concert tours abroad, including Israel, Finland and Ireland, the United States and the successor states of Yugoslavia, France and Turkey. On these trips, the JSO performs together with guests from the country visited and thus contributes to respect and tolerance.

The next project in April 2011, the JSO will travel to South Africa. Together with members of the South African National Youth Orchestra (SANYO), there will be an orchestra course followed by a concert in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Stellenbosch. A chamber music with faculty Bern Conservatory of Music is integrated. In addition, the members of SANYO lessons from the music conservatory faculty Bern. Joint field trips and a small tourist program are also part of the journey.


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