W. HEUER is a well-established music firm with a proud tradition of service excellence, supplying South Africa with the widest range of musical instruments available. W. HEUER was established in 1955, selling and servicing pianos. From these seemingly humble beginnings grew an organization which today is not only renowned for its piano trade, but all musical instruments, instrument parts, sheet music and the largest piano restoring factory in Africa.

For more than 55 years, Musikhaus W. Heuer has been renovating grand- and upright pianos. We work on the mechanism (inside) as well as on the cabinet, to bring your piano back to its former glory.

Herewith some tips on good piano practise:

  •  It is good practise to have your piano tuned once a year.

By doing this, you have peace of mind that the piano is mechanically in good condition.

  • It is important that pianos, aside from tuning, also be cleaned on the inside and the mechanism checked and reset where necessary. This should be done every 5 – 7 years, so as to prevent costly repairs in the future.
  •  When cleaning the cabinet of your piano please do not use polishes or rubbing compounds. This, over time, will damage the finish.
  •   Please make sure that your piano/s do not stand in direct sunlight, in a draft or against an outside wall.

For any piano services required (tuning, moving, repair quotations etc.)

please contact our Service Department in Stellenbosch at

Tel. 021-887 2938 or email service@wheuer.co.za

We also offer assistance with sound equipment and PA systems.

The MIPRO cordless PA system is small and compact,

weighing in at a mere 3kg, but filled with 27 watts,

you can comfortably address crowds between 30 to 200 people.

Please contact Walter Heuer at our Claremont branch

for a free demonstration!

Tel: 021- 683 6050 or email capetown@wheuer.co.za

It is our mission that music continues to be part of every child’s upbringing and therefore we offer our specialized services and expertise to assist you in doing so.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for all your musical needs !





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