Stagecoach South Africa

Stagecoach Somerset West is part of the leading international network of part-time performing arts schools. With over 700 theatre schools worldwide and more than 40,000 students, Stagecoach Theatre Arts has built a reputation for excellence in the performing arts for children over more than twenty-five years.

If your child is creative and you have been looking at the various dance schools, drama classes and singing lessons available in the area, Stagecoach Somerset West is the answer. Stagecoach is more than just a stage school, theatre school or drama school: it is a full and rounded education, teaching life skills that build confidence and stretch imaginations through singing, acting and dance. Every child needs an outlet for their natural creativity, and at Stagecoach, we nurture their sparks of inspiration and watch them grow over time into talents and confidence.

Taking classes in singing, dance and drama has been proven to build self-esteem. Dance and singing classes help to understand and improve rhythm and numeracy, and also provide healthy exercise. Drama classes are great for developing problem solving, articulation, and presentation skills, essential social tools. At Stagecoach we help children develop in all these areas and at the same time introduce them to a range of musical genres and skills in a friendly, safe and fun environment. We pride ourselves on building confidence in each child, at their own pace, with the support of the group.

Our classes
Early Stages sessions are for children aged 4-7 years. Children are introduced to musical theatre through drama, dance and singing classes in a ninety-minute session. Classes are restricted to 15, allowing us to nurture, encourage and inspire.

At the Main School, young people aged 7-18 years participate in a weekly three-hour session where they learn the skills to sing, dance and act, and experiment with more challenging performance work in appropriate age groups. They work in small class sizes with friends of like mind and varying abilities.

Holiday workshops
Stagecoach Somerset West also gives your child an insight into drama, dance and singing through our week-long holiday workshops. You do not have to be a Stagecoach student to participate. Stagecoach holiday workshops are intensive and fun, and children find out about workings of the theatre. Through the week they prepare a show and then perform to an invited audience on the final day. Every child is given a part suitable to their age and ability; there is no time for boredom and each child has their chance to shine.

Our teachers are skilled professionals and inspiring individuals who are passionate about their art forms. They have police clearance and have access to ongoing training.

Where we are
Stagecoach Somerset West runs weekly classes at The Helderberg Gemeente, 82 Firmount Road, Somerset West, and covers the areas in the Helderberg, the Cape Winelands, and wider Western Cape.

Why do it
There are many reasons to enrol your child at Stagecoach Somerset West: your child may already be a performer, or an imaginative and creative individual who needs a chance to flourish. It may be that your child simply needs an opportunity to develop their self-esteem in a safe and nurturing environment, away from competitive social challenges. Stagecoach Somerset West is the place for all 4-18 year olds to grow essential skills in presentation, performance and cooperation. If you are looking for dance classes, singing lessons or acting classes for your child, Stagecoach Somerset West has it all … and all under one roof.

Stagecoach Somerset West

Principal: Melanie Williss
PO Box 819,
Somerset Mall,

School address 

Tel: 07413 79674


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