Samro Hubert van der Spuy



National Music Competition





Group A

o Any learner up to and including 13 years at the time of the competition may participate.

o The entry fee is R150 and is not refundable. Electronic payments: SASMT Tygerberg, ABSA, branch

code 502110, account number 1137500210.   Please use the participant`s name and surname as

reference.    Attach proof of payment to entry from.

o Participants are responsible for their own travel and accommodation.


Group B (ONLY candidates from music development projects)

o The age limit for participation is 14 years at the time of the competition.

o No entry fees are payable.

o Candidates accepted for the competition will receive a travel and accommodation subsidy.


Entry forms should reach the following e-mail addresses by Friday 20 April 2012: OR


Requirements and programme


The competition takes place in four categories: Piano, Strings, Woodwind, Brass and Other Instruments (Classical Guitar, Recorder and Percussion)


o Five contrasting pieces of at least three style periods are required during the first three rounds.

o The first round must include a piece from the Baroque period and the second round must include a  piece from

the Classical period. Pieces may not be repeated during these rounds.

o The maximum duration is ten minutes for the first and second rounds, and fifteen minutes for the third and final

rounds. Should a participant exceed the allocated time, he/she may be asked to stop performing.

o All repeat signs must be ignored, except in the case of Da Capo.

o Should there be no original pieces for instruments other than the piano from these style periods, written

representations can be made to present an alternative piece of music. Address your representations to the

chairperson of SASMT Tygerberg and include a copy of the work.

o Piano concertos or parts thereof are not allowed. However, concertos or parts thereof will be allowed in case of

other instruments.

o The competition takes place over four rounds. All participants take part in the first two rounds.

o A candidate will only be allowed to participate on one instrument.


The four rounds

o First round: Two contrasting pieces (one Baroque)

o Second round: Two new contrasting pieces (one Classical)

o Third round: Two contrasting pieces – one from a previous round and one own choice not yet performed.

o Final round: A programme of three pieces put together from previous rounds.

 Participating in the competition


o Candidates who performed in the final round in 2011 do not have to play an audition.

o Previous winners of the first prize may not participate in the same category in the competition.

o Category winners from Group A and Group B are eligible for any other prize.

o   All rounds are taken in consideration

o The adjudicators’ decision is final and will be announced at the end of each round.


Qualifying Auditions


o Qualifying auditions for the competition will take place in Bloemfontein, Durban, Cape Town, Port Elizabeth

and Pretoria from the end of May 2012.

o All candidates are adjudicated on their standard of playing .

o After the closing date for entries, candidates will be notified in writing when, where and how their auditions

will take place.

o Any two contrasting pieces from the first two rounds must be presented.

o Maximum duration: 10 minutes

o Participants qualifying for the competition will be notified not later than 30 June 2012..




Send your enquiries in writing to or call Leon Hartshorne on 021 939 9105 or Hilda Boonzaaier (between 20:00-21:00) on 021 945 3861.


Prizes for participants


o First prize: A gold medal and R10 000

o Second prize: A silver medal and R6 500

o Third prize: A bronze medal and R4 000

o Best performance of a South African compositions: R3 000, R2 000, and R1000

o Category prizes: R2 000 for each category (Piano, Strings, Woodwinds, Brass and Other instruments)

o Category prizes for the best development candidate: R500 for each category.

o 4 Unisa prizes

o Best performance of a Baroque work in 1st round: R1 500

o Best performance of a Classical work in 2nd round: R1 500

o Best performance of a Romantic work in 3rd round: R1 500

o Most promising candidate of 10 years and younger: R1 500

o Most promising development candidate: R1 000

o Project prize for the most successful development project: R5 000

o All participants in the third round: R800

o All participants in the final round: R1 000

o Tygerberg prize: R1 000


Prizes for teachers


o First-prize winner`s music teacher: R2 000

o Second-prize winner`s music teacher: R1 600

o Third-prize winner`s music teacher: R1 300

o Teacher with the most promising development candidate: R1 000

o Tygerberg prize winner`s teacher: R800





Closing date for entries: 20 April 2012.


CANDIDATE: Group A [ ___ ] OR B [ ___ ]


Surname ________________________ First name ____________________ Name called by _________________

Date of birth _____________________ Age on 24/09/2012: _______ Instrument __________________________

Parents (Father + mother+ titles) _________________________________________________________________

E-mail address (Father) ______________________________ (Mother) __________________________________

Postal/Home address __________________________________________________________________________

______________________________________________________________________ Postal code ___________

Telephone: Home ( _____ ) _______________________

Cell number (Father) _______________________________ (Mother) __________________________________

Music teacher ____________________________________ Telephone ( ___ ) ___________________________

E-mail address ____________________________________ Cell number _______________________________

Postal/Home address _________________________________________________________________________

_______________________________________________________________________ Postal code _________

Name of Development Project (Only Group B) ____________________________________________________

Did you play in the final round of the competition in 2011? YES [ ____ ] NO [ ____ ]




Please indicate your choice with an x in the appropriate box

[  ] Bloemfontein    [  ] Durban    [  ] Pretoria    [  ] Port Elizabeth    [  ] Cape Town    [  ] Other

[20 candidates or more]


Declaration of parent / Music Teacher on behalf of the candidate:


o I declare that the information provided on the entry form is accurate and complete. Should my child /

candidate be accepted as a participant, he/she undertakes to comply with the regulations and conditions

for participation and to accept the decisions of the panel of adjudicators.

o I hereby grant permission that my child`s / candidate`s performance may be recorded or filmed for

possible radio or television broadcasting or for use as required by the adjudicators. I will not claim any

compensation for the above.







____________________________________                                                        _________________________

Signature of parent / guardian / music teacher                                                                          Date



Entry Form


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