• The promised workshop on the best solution for the content of Music in the CAPS Arts and Culture (Gr 1 to 7) is on Saturday 12 May at Goodwood Park Primary School in Goodwood.  The school is situated in Beaufort Street in Goodwood.  Take the N7 towards Goodwood and turn into Milton Road. Turn left in Beaufort Street to find the school on your right. This venue is close to both Cape Town and the Northern Suburbs.

Children love the material and with the 40 complete lessons for teacher, all the music is included, plus a DVD for preparation and demonstration. You can do your daily preparation with confidence and creativity, knowing that the depth of the program will benefit the learners of your school. Even teachers without proper music training will be able to use the material to ensure a high level for the CAPS Music.

Winnie WHO will explain how this program fits the content of CAPS and will lead us to understand how to apply the content.

Registration:  08:30.

Program ends at 14:00

Price is R240 which covers refreshments and other costs involved. Payment: EFT or cash at the door.

Please complete and fax the entry form to 021 981 5552.  Call 083 760 6774 for more information.


Maybe you have noticed that we are in the process of adding our stock on our website:  You will be able to see what we have, and you can send any enquiries via e-mail to us. Our slogan ‘What we can’t find does not exist’ has proven to be quite true. We have had several unique requests for books and were able to help everyone. We hope to have all the content loaded by the end of June. In the meantime, please visit our website.  We will soon have other services available as well.

                                                                                                                                   New recommended books          


For advanced pianists who want to dig deeper in popular music and jazz styles, we recommend two newly arrived books from Strube publishers. The first is “All of You” by Michael Schütz, a German composer and lecturer for popular music at the “Hochschule für Kirchenmusik Tübingen”. The 27 appealing pieces ranging from Grade 6 to university level cover various styles such as Pop, Funk, Ragtime, Barrelhouse, Samba and Salsa. Some of the pieces are pop arrangements of traditional church melodies.

The second book is “Unterwegs” and includes a CD. The compilation of 24 piano pieces by various contemporary German composers, written in Latin, Jazz and Pop styles is for eager pianists. Alexander Jacobi, our new part-time staff member at Allmusic, contributed a quite demanding composition, which is a  pop ballad based on the well-known Bach tune “Ich steh an deiner Krippen hier”. Most of the 24 pieces are new compositions, five relate to church tunes and will definitely catch the ears of your fellow church-goers

when you play them on a Sunday in your Church.



The second term of the book is now available.  R240 is the price of all four terms. If you did not receive the content of the second term,  please contact us at 021 981 5551.


Anna-Marie Alkema

business manager @ Allmusic

and educator

+27 21 981 5551

+27 (0) 83 760 6774


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