A magical musical consisting of two music concerts, certainly good enough to impress a king!


King Saul is completely removed from being the strong, confident and good looking king he once was.  Deserted by God, he decides to consult evil spirits and witches.  The only thing that seems to keep him sane is the sound of good music.  King Saul’s general’s invite an array of entertainers, from humble David to even the king of Rock, to perform for his enjoyment.  Would all this be enough to save King Saul?  Come and join us on this breath-taking modern musical journey, filled with humour and drama we all can relate



                                                                                                 Where:              Bellville  Civic Centre


30/08/2012 19:30 THURSDAY
31/08/2012 19:30 FRIDAY
01/09/2012 14:30 SATURDAY
01/09/2012 19:30 SATURDAY
02/09/2012 18:30 SUNDAY








Contact Adri Marais 079 784 3523 to book the best seats

                                              written and directed by Sean Dryden  


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