The Limpopo Youth Orchestra (LYO) was established in September 2004 by Simoné Aronje, through forming partnerships between urban and rural areas and stakeholders. The orchestra project is dedicated to the development and empowerment of youth from previously disadvantaged backgrounds and from marginalized areas, as well as youth with physical disabilities. The orchestra is a first of its kind in Limpopo. LYO is incorporated as a Section 21 company (not having a share capital and not for gain). The LYO is indeed a revolutionary project that cuts across many spheres of human lives:

  • Poverty Alleviation
  • Creating Access for people with physical disability
  • Rural-Urban Renewal – integrating communities that live worlds apart
  • Preservation of Indigenous Knowledge Systems through the use of indigenous instruments.

The LYO is a pioneering youth orchestra that has managed to integrate classic orchestra instruments with indigenous African instruments and now shines as a symbol of artistic excellence in Limpopo Province. Learning to play an expensive instrument such as a violin or a cello is a luxury for many families in South Africa due to their limited means of income. But numerous children in Limpopo’s rural areas are doing so. Bursaries are sourced for further study for its members, unemployed youth earn money through performances and teaching, and valuable partnerships were formed with the SA Army and Police bands. The orchestra is currently training approximately 200 youth in Limpopo (10 to 25 years old). 70% are children from rural areas and 12% are physically disabled.


To use the creation and performance of music in all its various forms to enhance confidence and life opportunities of rural, disabled and urban children and youth in Limpopo Province and beyond.


  • In pursuit of the vision, to forge partnerships with professional musicians, rural communities, youth organizations and corporate institutions.
  • To run our affairs in line with all governance statutes and laws expected of us.


  • Music training:- children and youth get trained in the theory of music, in playing instruments of an orchestra, in music composition and in producing and recording.
  • Concert culture nurturing:- rehearsal techniques, stage presentation, pre-rehearsal rituals, warming up of instruments, playing scales, aural and performing skills.
  • Teacher training:-teachers from rural areas get training towards continuity and sustainability.
  • Workshops:- mentorship programme.
  • Organize concerts to raise funds for charitable organizations and for the orchestra itself.
  • Events management and co-ordination.
  • Music awareness and advocacy.
  • Collaboration:- with other projects, parties and organizations, in pursuit of common objectives.
Or visit their website:
Contact Person: Simoné Aronje
Cell: 083 494 9594
Tel/Fax: 086 656 5336
E-mail: Address:
P.O. Box 1391
Fauna Park, 0787

Physical Address:
100 Betz Street
Polokwane, 0699

Be sure not to miss this inspiring group of musicians all the way from Limpopo.  You can listen to them at:


Comments on: "Limpopo Youth Orchestra in Cape Town performing at Iziko Museum!" (1)

  1. Am so impressed with the innovation and ideas of limpopo youth orchestra,
    want to congratulate my in-law, the founder Mrs. Adetoye Simóne.
    For marrying my brother, a very creative music director.
    I will love to have more of your concert pictures on our wall. Its my Music Academy.
    Dee-Chords Music Academy

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