Today we are featuring kidz from Beau Soleil Music Centre:

The Beau Soleil Music Centre was officially opened in 1983 by the Western Cape Education Department to meet the needs of specialised instrumental music tuition in the Cape Town area. It was the first Music Centre of its kind to be set up in the Western Cape. It is situated in Kenilworth in an old manor house called “Beau Soleil”, which was built in 1877 and declared a National Monument, after major restoration in 1982.

From the outset the guiding ethic of the Beau Soleil Music Centre has been to enrich the lives of young people through music education. This policy has been enthusiastically applied by the school staff throughout the past 27 years. The number of pupils attending has grown from the initial 100 who started in 1982 to + 350 pupils at present.

Beau Soleil is extremely proud of the fact that many South African musicians, currently active in both the classical and light music fields, acquired their music tuition and honed their musical skills at the Music Centre.

The Music Centre has an ensemble programme of four Wind Ensembles, four String Ensembles, and four Percussion ensembles, a Brass Ensemble, a Wind Quintet, a String Quartet, two Saxophone Quartets and a Jazz Band.

Services provided by the Beau Soleil Music Centre:

  • Instrumental music tuition (including theory and aural) is provided in the following instruments:
    • Strings: Violin, Viola, Cello, Double Bass
    • Woodwind: Saxophone, Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Bassoon
    • Brass: French Horn, Trumpet, Trombone, Tuba, Euphonium
    • Percussion: Timpani, Drum kit, Tom Toms, Snare Drum, Base Drum
    • Mallet: Vibraphone, Marimba, Xylophone
  • Ensemble tuition: Preliminary, Junior, Intermediate and Senior ensembles in String, Wind, Brass and Percussion.
  • Aural and Theory classes.
  • Participation in individual performances.
  • Quarterly ensemble performances.
  • Chamber Concerts (staff, learners and visiting musicians)
  • Music clinics with visiting musicians and staff.

Monitoring and Evaluation

  • Individual tuition lessons make provision for the ongoing monitoring of learner progress.
  • All learners take part in bi-annual internal examinations
  • Learners are actively encouraged to sit for external examinations.
  • The Centre supports the study of music as a school subject, subject to the assessments and examinations laid down by the Education Department.
  • Internationally recognized Board examinations are offered (UNISA, Trinity College, or Royal Schools) in both the practical and theoretical components for qualifying learners.

For further information:

Postal Address:
The Principal
PO Box 53093

Street address:
12 Salisbury Road

Tel: +27 (0)21 7611894 / +27 (0)21 7619005
Fax: +27 (0)21 7628310

E-mail (general):


Kidz on Program Today:

All the recordings was done at MusicatWork recording studio .  The studio specializes in Classical recordings and have special packages for schools and churches.  Contact Henk at 0797896720 for more information.

Isobel Rossouw (11)

Isobel Rossouw (11)

Dana Cranko

Dana Cranko (10)

Jia-yu Tsai (9)

Jia-yu Tsai (9)

Jordan Brooks (8)

Jordan Brooks (8)

Armand and Aiseah Ramos (11)

Armand and Aiseah Ramos (11)

Kristin Leith (12)

Kristin Leith (12)

Lily van der Merwe (12)

Lily van der Merwe (12)



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