Dance for All will be hosting the ‘Exposé Youth Talent Contest’ in September/October of this year.

This event will be part of our continuous fundraisers throughout the year , to sustain the run of all the programmes within our organisation.


Please find attached the electronic poster for the Auditions , which you may use to advertise at your school. The auditions will take place on Saturday 28th July, at ‘New Orleans Sekondêre skool’.

Selected participants will be notified once selections has been made, and  briefed in preparation for the ‘Exposé Youth Talent Contest’, taking place on 29th September & 6th October at Rondebosch Boys High.


The auditions are aimed at youngsters ranging between the age of 10 – 18yrs, who have exceptional talent and needs exposure, in the acts of dancing, singing, playing an instrument/musicians, as well as speciality acts.


Entries may be solo or group acts –  Entry Fee – FREE .


Please note the following for Auditions :


– Audition pieces may be no longer than 3min

– All pieces are to be well rehearsed 

– Good quality of music & back tracks

– No inappropriate material to be used

– Costumes may be brought along to the auditions

– The audition & performance venue does not permit the use of any fire acts or that of aerial acts  

– No exception will be made to the age range for auditions


Registrations for the event are now open, via email or at Dance for All, during office hours, 9h30- 16h30.

Registration forms will be emailed on request


Please feel free to contact Dance for All in the event that you have any queries.


Ps. Please acknowledge receipt of this email


Thank you





Allison Hendricks
Dance Teacher/Choreographer/Special Events
Dance for All
Tel +27 21 697 5509
Fax +27 21 697 1516





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