Violin Workshop 2012

On the weekend of 15 and 16 September we all came together at Simon Bekker Primary School for our violin workshop. Excitement was running high while the children started to arrive. Children from Atteridgeville, Pretoria and Potchefstroom attend the event.

Visiting and helping us out with our camp, was Stieneke Voorhoeve, all the way from The Hague, Holland. She taught gypsy music and accompanied the Suzuki repertoire. Teachers who also helped out were Andrea Kreuiter, Anne Naylor, Betsie Meyer, Charles Mostert, Dirkie Nell and Joy Meyer. Without their hard work and dedication, this camp will not have been possible.

The children attended different sessions, from gypsy music, to drama sessions and of course, Suzuki sessions. During the sessions they worked hard for the concert on Sunday, where they showcased all their hard work of the weekend.

The concert kicked off with the SJO:  the Suzuki Junior Orchestra performing Pachelbel’s Canon and La Cucaracha followed by drama and singing accompanied by Suzuki pieces, such as Twinkle, Hunters Chorus and The Two Grenadiers. The Suzuki all time favourite, the Vivaldi A minor Concerto, was also played. Our ensemble pieces were South African and Swedish folk songs. We ended on a high note with the gypsy pieces. What a great concert!

Thanks to everyone who worked hard to ensure the success of this camp. This was a wonderful opportunity for our students to learn and make new friends.


Madeleine Wikner
+27 12  667 1810

ESA Country Director
Andrea Kreuiter
+27 79 516 5659

Committee Members

Arja Kreuiter

Lucia Seleka

Correspondent & Membership Administrator
Joanna Swart

Course Organiser
Anne Naylor

Concert Co-ordinator
Lucia Seleka

Fundraising & Advertising
Maria Meyer

Debbie Betz

Lourraine Eayrs

Teacher Training for Violin

Christophe Bossuat
Karen-Michele Kimmett
Martin Rüttimann



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