A Magic Suzuki Ride


On Sunday 28th October 2012 in the Fontainbleau Gemeenskapkerk, the Johannesburg Suzuki region put on its first end-of-year Suzuki concert.   The theme was “A magic Suzuki Ride” – an audio-visual presentation, conceived and narrated by Anne Naylor.

Two girls set out on a Magic Suzuki Ride round a Fair Ground as an alternative to

their daily practise routine.   What do they find?   Apart from Aunt Rhody ministering to a gluttonous little girl and other traditional Suzuki fare, they found some Disney favourites from Mary Poppins and The Sound of Music; a traditional Israeli song called Zum Gali Gali that was beautiful and beguilingly simple and Handel’s Water music, evocatively played in a church in traditional 18th century costume.

The costumes were an absolute treat.   They ranged from “little white angels on a cloud” [that was the Pre-Twinkles]; twelve witches wearing witches hats, ready for  Halloween and the bright jolly clothing of  those keen to go on a trip with Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, the four-fendered friendly old car lovingly restored.

Well done to all the teachers and those who came from Pretoria – it was indeed a magical concert.


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